There’s Nothing Like a Hike

My dad is fanatical about getting out in the woods and walking around. Chances are if you have ever spent a weekend at my house, or lived within 30 miles of the man you have hiked with him. He loves it. If you are reading this and you haven’t hiked him, you should. You can have in-depth conversations with him about whatever is on your mind. He also gives great advice. If you are really lucky you can book both him and his best buddy Bill. Being around those two is like being around one of those old comedy teams. Your face and sides will hurt at the end of the day.

This weekend Lindsay and I went out with a group of friends to Mudeung Mountain for a winter hike. Through a group our friend Han-nah started called, Project Warm Hand, we have been able to get Koreans and foreigners together for dinners and other events. This Saturday Han-nah volunteered me to lead a group up the mountain.

It was a beautiful day. Laughs and conversations filled the crisp cool air. By the end of the day my whole body hurt. Especially my sides. It was almost like hiking with Dad and Bill. Dad’s right “there is nothing like a hike.”

I have to share with you one of my dad’s poems. I love it.

“There is nothing like a hike”
By Doc Altizer

There is nothing like a hike,
Whatever you say might.

Starting with the morning light
And the sunshine bright.

With birds the world is awaken
For a new day to be taken.

The cool refreshing air renews us each day,
Telling us to go without delay.

Up and down the mountains we do hike
Never knowing what might give us delight.

There is a difference in every hiking trail
Memories collected and tales to tell

The change of seasons and conditions are for sure
But with each we are amazed and gladly endure

Each season has a beauty of it own,
And in each you will want to roam.

Beautiful flowers, trees and wildlife do abound
And in their environment there is hardly a sound.

If you are lucky and have a stream trailside,
Its’ music and beauty cannot be denied.

With the end of day comes the beauty of a sunset,
There is nothing close to a hike, I’ll bet.

The above verse was suppose to be the ending,
When after further review, I realized it was the beginning.

For God had created all this for you and me,
To God we give thanks for all we see.


  1. Doc. Lindsay here. You are so right: There is nothing like a hike.I LOVE your poem. Keep up your writing! And hiking!


  2. This is so sweet! It really was a great day!


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