Wanderlust dust

Annyong! Lindsay here.

Well it’s been five months since Whit and I plopped ourselves into life in Korea. And it’s been fun, let me tell you. For the first few months here, we felt like we were still traveling. We were seeing new things, learning a new language, meeting people from around the world, and stuffing our guidebook in our bag and traveling through our neck of the woods on the weekends.

But alas, our wanderlust has struck again. Despite the fact we live halfway across the world in a country that gives foreign an entirely new meaning, we still want to see more. I guess when you start seeing the world and how big it is and how small you are, you just have to go farther.

One of my favorite things to do is to strap on my no-brand maroon backpack, the one with worn holes in the bottom, stuffed with jeans and my running shoes and my camera, and head to a new place. I get really excited when there is air travel involved. Because that usually means a new language, a new people, a new place, a new culture.

So this Saturday, Whit and I will leave our “Little America”–our apartment–and head to Seoul, where we will fly out to China that afternoon. We will be going to Beijing first to see the Great Wall of China and all the other major hot spots there before we look at that huge map of China, close our eyes, and pick a few more places to visit by train.

And come on people. I will not lose my passport in the airport. I mean, who does that?


  1. Summer says:

    I hope you guys have a great time in China, and I can’t wait to hear about your adventures there!


  2. josh says:

    you guys are so HOT! Have a blast in China.


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