Street fare

Annyong, Lindsay here!

Whit is doing an article on the popular street food here in Korea for my newsletter tonight so I thought I’d share our experience with you via the blog.

You cannot walk a street block in Korea without running into a colorful stall with steam wafting through the air. Smells of fried chicken, steaming flour with sugar and cinnamon, fried seafood and dried fish float through the cold air. (And I mean COLD. I thought my face was frozen today. I had on longjohns, hat, gloves, three layers of clothing, scarf, but nothing can stop cold like this. Nothing. Oh, and I learned BRRRRR in Korean: “Chuah, chuah, chuah, chuah, chuah!!!!!” I use it often.)

Whit and I have made it a habit to buy the sweet treats on our street corner. The woman always knows our order before we get there: hana yogi, hana chogi (one of this, one of that). And she always grins with us. Or at us. It’s a fine line.

Whit wanted to eat dinner at the street food stalls, where young people crowd around, lean over and dig into the fare each night. I went along and nibbled with him, and then saved my fried food fix for McDonalds. I just can’t help myself. It’s so freakin’ good. And they even had my sweet and sour sauce which I dipped each and every fry in before stuffing my face in rapturous delight. Though I did have to pay 1o cents for the sauce. Totally worth it.

So anyway, coming back to the point at hand–sorry about the detour, I wanted to share our street fare pictures with you. All this food is actually incredibly delicious and incredibly cheap. Whit ate about five different things (fatty muncher) for $4. See the gallery on the left for the pictures.

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  1. Summer says:

    I do remember your notorious love for French fries–including your first serious fight with Whit because he could not understand that you DO NOT share French fries. Also, this entry on street fare reminds me of that dried nastiness you had the audacity to mail me. I could smell dead animal before I even opened the mailbox!! 🙂


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