Out of pocket-China bound

True to form, it is late the night before a big trip and neither Lindsay, or myself have packed. Tomorrow we will moan, rush around, attack each other’s organization, blame each other for not having any clean clothes and then rush out of the door inevitably returning to get something we have forgotten. As my old roommate Stewart (a man that could say a lot by saying so little) use to say when returning to the apartment to get something he left, “It just wouldn’t be right.” It wouldn’t be right for us either if we didn’t have to return to the apartment to grab our money, passport or luggage. Lindsay’s mom has called it “flighty” but Lindsay calls it “being a free spirit.”

But we will make it there, we always do…somehow.

We are not sure about internet access in China. There are some restrictions to the internet in China, I am just uncertain of the details. Also, with us trying to see as much as we can in a week we will probably stay away from the blog. We will be sure to catch you all up when we get back. I am sure you will feel like you were with us when Lindsay posts all 100,000 photos she intends to take with her new camera. You will certainly see more angles of the Great Wall of China than you thought possible.

See you soon!

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  1. Dane says:

    Good luck have fun and be safe.


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