Just drop me at the Great Wall

Hello! Lindsay and Whit here blogging from Beijing while we have internet access.
We are having an incredible time here in China. I wish I could tell you about it all, but here are the quick highlights.
We arrived in Beijing after our 1 1/2 hour flight from Seoul Saturday night and met up with Whit’s old friend Ian. Ian and his girlfriend took us to dinner–Beijing roasted duck. I’m talking melt-in-your-mouth good, people. Then we went to several late night hot spots, learned how to play a Chinese dice game, and somehow made it to bed in time for four hours of sleep before our driver picked us up today.
That’s right. We had a driver today. After one day of this, I think I shall never go back. So I’m now accepting resumes for when we return to the states. Experience with driving and giving fun, interesting facts is a must.
The highlight of our day was our trip to The Great Wall. You know it’s always been one of those places you always hear about, see pictures of, but never imagine that one day you will be standing there, climbing the steps, seeing the mountains the Mongolians would have crossed save not for the 5,000 kilometer wall.
The wall was originally built in like 2–something B.C. Before Jesus. That is one old wall! It’s crumbling in parts, and only a small percentage of the wall is actually open to tourists for this reason.
We took almost 300 photos there. No worries! You will see every angle of this magnificent world wonder.
It was a beautiful day out there. And apparently, people don’t really tour it during the winter. By the time Whit and I took a sled (!!!) back down the mountain, we practically had the whole Great Wall of China to ourselves. It was one of the most amazing experiences of our lives!
Tonight we’re off to a Muslim restaurant for some spicy lamb. And then I heard something about a foot massage, something China is famous for.
We are heading out of Beijing tomorrow night for other parts of this huge country. We are heading south, hopefully to some warmer temperatures.
We’ll blog again if we get a chance!

Pictures to come in a week!


  1. Hey You Guys,Wow, sounds so great! I was so happy to see that you are enjoying China. Can’t wait for the pictures. While you guys were walking the great wall of China we were doing it korean style at a Nori-bang. You’ll laugh when you see the pictures. See you in a week!Angie


  2. Brittany says:

    Can’t wait to see the pics. Are you guy’s going to run the marathon at the great wall?


  3. Summer says:

    Your trip sounds amazing so far. I’m looking forward to seeing the photos!


  4. I’m glad you 2 are a having an amazing time! I’m looking forward to seeing your pics of the Great Wall! Can’t wait to see you for round 2 (or is it 8) of your vacation…Jeju!


  5. Kyle says:

    Sounds awesome, Whitney. Psyched for the pics.


  6. Summer says:

    I saw that parts of China are getting hit with the worst snow storms in 50 years. On the news they showed tens of thousands of migrant workers waiting for trains that never come, so I hope it hasn’t put a damper on your trip!


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