And we’re off!

After two full days of work—-whew!!—-we’re off on another trip. This one a Lunar New Year trip to Jeju Island in the south of South Korea.

We are heading out with a group of friends we have made here and we are all so excited. We will take a bus and then a ferry (are you poor? our students wanted to know, suprised we were not flying like they always do).

But, yet again, we are always up for the adventure in getting there (plus there were no plane tickets left).

We will spend four days on the island that Koreans compare to Hawaii. We plan to hang out with friends, explore the island, run a little bit, and laugh a lot. Whit and I learned a new Chinese dice game in Beijing and we know it’s going to be a hit. We are also all bringing our bathing suits despite the 30-degree weather. Maybe we will all sit in the room in bathing suits and sunglasses and play dice. Who knows. Who cares.

So, again, we might be away from the blog for four days. But no worries, I will have another 400 photos to share with you once we return!

Happy New Year!!!!!!