Island life


Lindsay here. We just returned home from a five-day jaunt to Jeju-do, an island south of the mainland of Korea.

We headed south with four good friends from Gwangju to the island we have been wanting to see since we have been here. Despite it being an island, and south of where we are located, it was still a bit cold.

We saw and did so much: took a ferry, walked up and through a 5,000-year-0ld volcanic crater, walked through caves formed by lava, picked and ate oranges from an orange tree farm, played football on the beach, gathered seashells, ate Mexican food, discovered a mysterious road that went up and down at the same time, sang Brittany Spears in the hotel noraebang, had a cookout, sat around a beachside campfire, went to the Korean sauna (public bath), and just relaxed with friends.

It was the perfect end to our month away from school. We start back full-force tomorrow with no known breaks until May. We are looking forward to returning to normal life. Well. As normal as life can get in Korea.

Check out our photos from the trip! And welcome to the new year: the year of the rat!

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  1. Jessica says:

    LOVE the photos! Looks like you guys had a fun time, maybe.


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