Maybe another break

Anyong. Lindsay here again.
So we went back to school again for what we thought was the long haul. At least three months without a break.
But before I know it, the teachers are pointing to their calendars, saying, “chintcha? Chintcha? Chintcha?” Their voices rising in excited disbelief. Not knowing the language, we are becoming incredibly adept at reading intonation. And this was one word I knew. “Really?!?”
Turns out we might *Maybe–they love to say* have a weeklong vacation in May that was not originally in the plans. This could be unbelievable good news if it falls on the right week for Sallie’s wedding. Of course they do not know when we will know for sure. Maybe, they say.
With all the excitment about a possible week off, I ask about the sixth grader’s graduation, planned for this Friday. And it just so happens their graduation is in the morning. No school, says Young-mi, constantly trying to explain scheduling matters to us.
And then an hour later, she comes to us again. “I must tell yuuu about spring break.”
Spring break?!? Our eyes about popped out of our heads. It also turns out that there is a two-week break between this semester, which ends this Friday, and next semester. We still have to work, which means 2 more weeks of half days, starting next Monday.
Yes we are lucky!!! We do really have it good here in Korea. Most of our friends work crummy hours. They might not talk to us when they read this on here.
But at the moment. I am on Cloud Nine!
I love teaching! Or not teaching! Maybe.

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  1. Any way I can simply observe all those holidays. Without actually moving overseas?


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