Graduation Day

Today was graduation day for the 6th graders at our school. (The Korean school year runs from March through December.)

We were not forced to go but figured it would be our one chance to see a Korean graduation. Instead of holding it on a weekend, it was held Friday morning at 10:30. So there were a lot of grandparents there in place of working parents.

SIDE NOTE: Speaking of grandparents, I taught my kids the word “great grandparents” this week and learned that one student has a 106-year-old great-grandmother. She lives by herself in the country. She is very strong. And she is tall.

Back to graduation, it was unfortunately much like its Western counterpart. But there were a few subtle differences.

The school’s female top administration, including our vice principal, sat behind the men on stage. We don’t even know who most of the men were.

The students bowed to the principal as they received their diplomas instead of shaking hands. They also bowed as a large group to each speaker.

I wish I could compare the administration’s speeches, but we have no idea what they said. Which is, again, strikingly similar to what you get out of a western graduation.

Check out a few photos of the event on the left.

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