Run Miguk, Run

Whit and I just finished our second half-marathon in Korea.

I can’t pinpoint what it is exactly about these runs that make them more fun than their American counterpart. It could be the fireworks. Or the starting line assembly-line massages, where you rub and beat the shoulders in front of you before turning the opposite direction to beat and rub. Or it could be the sheer flamboyance of Korea–the bright pink and yellow balloons, the fireworks at the starting line, or the crowds of people crying and cheering in delight at the mere sighting of a miguk (American). Or it could also be the free massages after the race. Or the post-race soak at the adjacent bathhouse for two bucks.

The only thing missing for me was my family, who are usually either cheering for me at the finish line or running right behind me (though Mom is certainly getting close to running right ahead of me!)

My family has become such a staple at these events that I couldn’t help but look for them at the finish. While I was sad not to see them, I was cheered loudly by my great friends here in Korea as they held up colorful, yet a little bawdy, signs and yelled my name as I broke my best half marathon time by five minutes.

Still trying to figure out how I “got off the couch to PR” says Whit, rudely. (He did not PR today. Hmm. Do I smell jealousy amidst my glory?) No. Kidding. Whit had an awesome race as usual. I just happened to have an exceptional race. Yes I am bragging. But I had a Kathryn-kind-of-time, for those of you who know my much faster-running sister.

For your viewing entertainment, here are a few play-by-plays of the race filmed by yours truly, Marathon Mojo back in action.

Warning: If you are prone to sudden dizziness by shaky pictures, do not watch these films. Excuse the heavy breathing, the dropping of the camera case when I did not stop filming, and the bouncing pictures. But I was running fast, people!


  1. Summer says:

    Glad you had such a great race, Linds!


  2. Yea Lindsay! I can’t believe you beat your best time by 5 minutes! That is so awesome!!!! Great videos…I felt like I was there! Just wondering, what is PR?


  3. Jaime says:

    Congratulations on the great race!!


  4. Whit says:

    great question maria…now that you are officially a runner you need to know the lingo.PR=Personal Record.Lindsay ran five minutes faster than her fastest time ever.Great singing last night!


  5. Jimmy says:

    Sweet Video Linds – THANKS!What an awesome experience! So what was your final time?


  6. Brittany says:

    PR by 5 while holding a camera and giving commentary. You are SOOO good! congrats!


  7. Linds time: 1:45Whit time: 1:25


  8. Amy says:

    CONGRATULATIONS on your new INCREDIBLE PR!!!! I love the videos! I’m so excited that Maria has now started her running career! Miss you both very much!


  9. Jessica says:

    The first thing I thought when I saw the signs (after I laughed) was that Mammaw would be loving that!


  10. Debbie says:

    Hey Whit and Lindsay, I came across your blog when my fiance typed in Gwangju bike shops (or something like that) but noticed something that may be of interest to me. I see that you are a runner and have been in a number of marathons. I’m new to Gwangju, and marathons, for that matter, but I’ve applied to run in the one at the World Cup Stadium April 20th. Is there any chance that you’re going in that one? I’d just like to know an English person who is also entered to run so that I can talk to someone about what I need to do/bring, etc. I’m really sorry to bother you, but some things are just so difficult in this country to figure out when you don’t speak their language. If you have any suggestions/advice that you could share it would be GREATLY appreciated.Thanks,Debbie


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