Marathon booty, chewy octopus, over-the-pond tickets and our famous blog


Here is a list of today’s updates.

1. Big news! I won a 20-kilogram (44-pound!!!) bag of rice for coming in as the 24th woman in the Gwangju half marathon. It arrived by delivery yesterday. For those of you who know me well, I never win anything except weird things. Like the turkey I won in a drawing during the Chattanooga Turkey Trot with which I nearly killed a few people when I cooked it before it was completely thawed. Seriously. Birds should come with directions. Anyway. We now have enough rice to feed an African village for a year.

2. We had octopus for lunch today for the third time in one week. The first time it was “so-so” as the kids here love to say. The second time was a stretch. And today. Well. Today I had about three whole octopuses (octopi?) soaking in hot red pepper sauce. It was so strange I got the giggles. Even after six months, some things still make me shake my head and think, “Now that is something else.” I chewed (and chewed) a few of the detached tentacles. But I could not, for the life of me, stomach a whole octopus. Whit couldn’t either. Our co-teachers, however, got an extra bowl of them brought to the table.

3. After much stress and the promise to the banks for our first-born child, we have purchased tickets to America for May. Now the purchase has been made, we are so excited. We cannot wait to see all of you! (Or as many as we can in seven days.) I can’t wait to see American soil. And not see a whole octopus on my lunch tray.

4. Our blog is now famous. Thanks to my friend Lindsay Moody in Asheville, who with her husband runs a really cool green building company called EcoBuilders, our blog has made it into Newsweek Magazine. Sort of. They did a feature on her company (how awesome is that?! Making it big and helping save our planet!) and took photos of her home. The photographer wanted an image on their TV from their computer in the background. They pulled up several web sites before deciding ours would be best. It’s now in the background of a photo in Newsweek! It’s blurry, and a little fuzzy. But we’ll take it!!! Thanks Lindsay!!! And can someone grab a few copies of this week’s magazine and save it for us?!? Here is a link to the article though our blog photo is only in the print version…but still, their story is inspiring and I’m proud to say I know them.)


  1. Brittany says:

    Sounds like an eventful week. Congrats on the rice. I am still wondering if you threw your back out picking up the 44lb bag of rice. Can’t wait to see your moment of fame in Newsweek. I am sure it is just the beginning of your widespread reputation.Please tell me what week in May you are going to be here. I want to make sure I don’t miss it by being MIA. Ada must meet Auntie L and Uncle Whitty.


  2. Hey brittany, we’ll be in the states May 2- May 10…we’ll be in chattanooga the second half of that week!


  3. Dane says:

    GooD GOSH GOLLY! Can’t wait to see ya’ll!


  4. Jimmy says:

    I am stoked. Can’t wait to see you guys! -Jimmy (as in really Brittany, but he IS excited too)


  5. Jimmy says:

    UHMMM, let’s think about this equation:Newsweek (national notoriety) + Prolific and entertaining writers (Kimchi and Cornbread)=Published Authors?????Could this be in the future? I think so!


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