Hugs and Kisses.

Its been one of those days when I can’t help but appreciate my life and the my relationships. Lindsay and I have been hugging on each other today, and I suggest you take this Saturday and hug and kiss the one you are with. They might get on your nerves(especially if you work with them), but you picked them for a good reason. Remember that.


  1. Emily says:

    I’m so glad you’re spending the day this way. You two are just right for each other and that makes me smile.


  2. Summer says:

    I still remember what you guys told me the first weekend Whit was in town. I thought you were both a little nuts then–but only for a few minutes. You were perfect for each other from the start.


  3. Jimmy says:

    That is a self portrait isn’t it? A flipping self portrait. Unbelievable.So true about the post but I don’t understand the getting on your nerves part. Jimmy never gets on my nerves and when Ada cries it has such a melodious tune. Ha! Really….I love them both very much and will make sure to give them extra hugs and kisses today.It is Brittany once again posing as Jimmy. (I never notice that he is signed in until after I have typed my comment)P.S. I get to hug on the nephew today. I will make sure to give Reed an extra kiss from Auntie L and Uncle Whitty Poo.


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