Celebrating 30

Lindsay here.

So it wasn’t really my birthday yesterday but I’m taking the opportunity to tell you about it (because Whit is glued to the TV at the moment).
We had a great birthday yesterday. I say “we” because these days when Whit has a birthday it also feels like my own. It’s always a fun day where we eat cake, are super sweet to each other, enjoy the outdoors and have dinner with friends.

Yesterday was no different. The weather was made just for Whit’s special day. It was the most beautiful day we’ve had yet. So we spent most of it outdoors basking in the sunshine, eating ice cream, walking around the nearby lake, napping on our rooftop and taking the new motorbike–motorcycle–out for a spin.

And last night we had dinner with our wonderful friends here in Korea, followed by some good ol’ fashioned Korean fun in the noraebang (singing room).

Check out the pictures in the gallery to the right.

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  1. Jessica says:

    Looks like a fun day! Okay, on my birthday, I’m officially requesting that you do NOT serve green tea cake. Minus the icing, that looked like something that would have shown up in Reed’s diaper. And speaking of diapers, I need to go move them over to the dryer. Remember those?


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