Pass the dog, please

One thing I love about Korea is that you just don’t know what you are going to get from day to day. One day you are completely shocked by what happens, the next day, nothing seems weird. The other night at my birthday dinner we passed a lap dog around our table. The owners(both the dog’s and restaurant’s)? They just looked on and watched. No big deal.

It is a common misconception that dog meat in Korea is a like cow meat in the U.S., but eating dog is not as common anymore. There are still dog restaurants (there is one in our neighborhood) but kids today don’t eat dog like their grandparents might have. Today, instead of passing a plate of dog stew around the table, people pass their pet dog.

I could hear the people freaking out back home. A dog at the dinner table? Preposterous. But here, whatever. Our buddy Chris even swapped spit with the dog. But you must excuse him, he’s English.