Rural motorbiking, and my new pacemaker


Whit and I spent the weekend outdoors, a place we love to be–especially when it’s sunny and 80 degrees!

It was one of those picture-perfect weekends that fly by too fast. But it was also one of those weekends where you just want to stop and take a picture because the scenery is so beautiful, the people you’re with are so wonderful, and the mood is so cheerful.

On Saturday, we headed out on Whit’s motorbike and zoomed through the mountains around Gwangju. We biked through small villages, around fields of terraced green rows, under sprawling giant oaks. Afterward, Whit dropped me off for a candle class with some girlfriends.

And on Sunday, we ran in our third half marathon in Korea. It was a hot day and our times suffered a small bit from the heat.

But we both had a good time, and I picked up a friend, who labeled himself my “pacemaker,” which turned out to be more true than he could have imagined as he led me through the race. We ran together for most of the 13.1 miles. Every time I slowed down and everytime time we pushed uphill, he would yell: “Han-na! Tulle! Han-na! Tulle! One! Two! One! Two! He spoke very little English. I spoke very little Korean. But the pounding of our feet and the rhythem of our strides was a conversation in itself. He counted how many females were in front of me (10) and he coaxed the villagers in the town-outskirts to yell for me. He ran ahead at water stops to get us both a cup so I wouldn’t have to stop.

I was on target to beat my best time (that I got last time) by five minutes. But as the race went on, the sun arched further in the sky and my legs slowed to turtle-pace.

The course was the most beautiful yet, as it weaved through green fields with haunched women in straw hats who took the quick occasional break to wave at us.

Whit and I went back later in the afternoon on the motorbike to snap a few photos. Hope you enjoy.


  1. Summer says:

    The photos are stunning, as always! Thanks for sharing.


  2. Emily says:

    Gorgeous pictures! Sounds like a really good race, too! Keep ’em coming!


  3. Brittany says:

    You are a wonderful writer and then there are the pictures that tell their own story!


  4. Thought about you this weekend Whit. It was the Boston marathon and we saw the Korean Marathon team. I was like ‘Bam.’


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