Lindsay’s notes on a Monday

1. Newsflash: One of my fifth-graders has a boyfriend. So what? No. Not so what. This is big. He even said hello to her in the hall. So she was “VERY. HAPPY. Today, Teacher! Very. Much. Happy!”

2. In a study with my high-level (practically fluent) sixth graders today on invertebrates, I informed the bright-eyed “Black” that she just might come back in another life as a bug that gets crunched. But this is only because she found it neccessary to tell a story about how she has killed at least one of every invertebrate we talked about (the daddy-longlegs had to be confirmed with a Google image. But yes, that too was smashed just last week in her shower.)

3. It is baby octopus season in Korea. Does that mean there are baby octopus festivals? Maybe. But really it means there is baby octopus on my lunch tray every day. Every. Day. Which by the way, we later realized in the said sixth grade class that we ate THREE different types of invertebrates for lunch today: squid (good thing I didn’t know that as I spooned it in); shrimp; and ah, yes, the baby octopus.

4. Sweet little gender-confused Jerry (a girl) came in today with a brand-spanking new short haircut that was so sweet I wanted to hug her. Roy, who sits next to her, quickly quipped: “It looks terriful.”

5. This is a little late. But Whit wouldn’t let me blog yesterday because it would “bump his down” and he hadn’t blogged in forever. But. I got to swing dance on Saturday night. It was a blast. My favorite part was when my Korean dancing partner said: “It is your first time? I don’t believe you.” Thank you Dancing with the Stars. I knew all that studious watching was going to help me out sometime.

6. I have a fan. I’m serious. OK, Whit and I have a fan. His name is Zide (it rhymes with Tide and Fried and….like Star Wars? The Dark Side—his line, not mine). I was walking down the streets of Gwangju Saturday morning and ran into a nice young man who seemed to know me. Crap. I must have met him and forgot. Happens. But then he explained: “I’m such a huge Kimchi and Cornbread fan. You guys have helped me so much.” I’m serious. I’m not making this up. Zide, if you’re out there. Let them know I’m not making this up. I’m attaching a photo. He’s currently working on starting a fan club. My idea. And in other blog-worthy news, we got an invite to be part of a blogger-startup site that features blogs from around the world. We were picked to represent South Korea. More details to come as they become available.


  1. Brittany says:

    Is there a fee to join the fan club? And do we get t-shirts? As the NKOTB fan club expert that she is, Summer could probably offer some great advice on the whole start up. P.S. Middle school “love” oh yeah we had our share: R.J. (Ronald McDonald on Star 98), Ev Ev Ev Ev Ev-an Power, Jim (yum)…..


  2. Jessica says:

    How funny! I love that Brittany just broke out with that!


  3. Emily says:

    Dude, I SO want a fan club t-shirt. I think Sum should be in charge of marketing. Personal opinion. (seriously, can I be the president)


  4. Summer says:

    I knew I’d get punked out about NKOTB. Seriously, I’ve just been waiting to see when it would start. 🙂


  5. Emily: Official president.Summer: Official marketing director (let’s see those T-shirts!)Brittany: Excitement director (drops K&C name frequently with excitement to important people)Jessica: Web traffic coordinatorZide: No. 1 Fan (he gets a special T-shirt)


  6. Tman says:

    “I flew all the way from San Francisco! And all I got was this T-shirt!” on the front – and a photo of a big plate of kimchi and cornbread on the back! I like it!… thanks again for a great weekend! So many coincidences in one night – very strange. See you soon.


  7. Summer says:

    Very good news: I accept my position as marketing director.Good news: I just cited this blog in a Blackboard discussion about how the medium affects the message for a class.Bad news: No one but the people in the class will care to read it.Really bad news: I am just getting nerdier by the minute.


  8. Brittany says:

    I have always wanted to get into P.R. I gladly accept.


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