Pass the cornbread

Well. It’s been nine months since we landed on the wet crowded streets of Seoul. Just thinking back makes my stomach churn, just like it did then. Newly arrived in a foreign country, we stared with wide eyes at our new home: strange spicy smells; beautiful women in high heels; cracked sidewalks, men squatting at bus stops with cigarettes.
There were lots of things to make us nervous. But most of it was chalked up to the fact I had geniusly lost my passport in the first ten minutes in Asia.
We’re hoping things run smoother this time as we head out tomorrow for a week-long trip to the Motherland to see Sallie and Angus’s wedding and visit with close family and friends.
It’s weird being away from home for so long. Neither of us have spent this much time away.
We are looking forward to everything from eavesdropping on English conversations (doesn’t happen here!) to smells from an oven (no one has one here!). I’ve already gained two pounds just dreaming about the cookies and cakes and lasagna and anything else you can stick in an oven. Shoot, I might just jump in myself when I smell the aroma of Mom’s creamed-cheese cupcakes. You Fatty Munchers know what I’m talking about.
Other things we’re looking forward to: a happy wedding; hugs with family; meeting Reed; eating Mexican food (hint, hint, Martinsville); quality time with family; driving; American music; American TV (without illegally downloading); Black Mountain; Salsas; The Dripolater; and not being the minority for a week in a place where you get stared and pointed at just for walking down the street minding your own beeswax.

America, here we come!!!

6 thoughts on “Pass the cornbread

  1. Summer says:

    I hope you have a wonderful trip home to visit friends and family! I wish we were on that side of the country and could see you. I can’t wait to hear about it. And please eat a few creamed-cheese cupcakes for this Fatty Muncher. 🙂


  2. Emily says:

    Oh, I’m so excited for y’all and not jealous at all. I promise. I’m really not. Not. one. little. smidge. Have the best time ever and hug the family for me. Oh, and you’d better have about 4 of those cupcakes for the FM queen. 🙂


  3. Jessica says:

    Reed told me just this morning that he can’t wait to meet Uncle Whit and Auntie L in person. It’s taken a lot of convincing him that you guys aren’t just part of the computer.Gotta run, Reed is crawling towards the TV for the umpteenth time this morning. He doesn’t quite understand “NO REED, STOP REED” just yet.


  4. Brittany says:

    Yippee! I can’t believe it is finally here. Have fun at the wedding and pretty please don’t eat all the creamed cheese cupcakes before I get up there. Poor Jessica! I sure hope she has a pack n play to give her a little bit of sanity 🙂


  5. Brittany says:

    I hope you guys have arrived safely and having an awesome time back on western soil.Insomnia has struck again. Up late while the two other members of my household are sound asleep I decided to look back at some of the archived postings and realized you guys have not shared a video in a while. I am sure it is due to your new camera but you guys need to bring it back. I think my favorite is still Whit singing if your happy and you know it…to the kids. okay, time to try to go to sleep. See ya soon!


  6. Becca and Brent says:

    so glad to hear you’ve gotten to come back home for a while. i hope you have a great trip – i’m sure you have enough people telling you this, but in case you need more encouragement: I LOVE reading your blog! you guys are such great writers.


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