New glasses for my nuns


It’s been a busy Saturday here in Gwangju for Whit and me.

We decided to give Korean classes another go and had our first lesson today.

We learned a lot in just two hours, including the word for eyes: nun; ears: kwe; mouth: ep; shoulders: ah-k; butt: ongdongay; and words that we can use in the classroom like: tuloseao (listen please!); unjusayeo (sit down!); and my favorite: naga! (get out!)

After Korean class we went to look at glasses we discovered in a downtown department store. They were 50 percent off.

So just how much were they? Frames, lenses, extra contact case and an eye exam: $50. That’s it. And our wait time? 20 minutes, chuseo. Oh. And no insurance required.

I’d like to tell Lenscrafter where they can stick their one-hour wait for a pair of flimsy $300 glasses.

Whit couldn’t not take photos as I sat in the Inspector Gadget glasses during the eye exam, reading aloud numbers in English to a woman who spoke Korean.


  1. Jessica says:

    I love it. Could you have gotten that pair for $50? I think you look best in those =)


  2. Brittany says:

    Yeah, I vote for the second pair. Okay, when we come to visit, I know what Jimmy will be wanting to do!


  3. Jimmy says:

    You are so lucky! I just bought by second pair – and the exam alone (which was in the back office of a sears department store) was $65!


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