Learning to bow

Anyong! Lindsay here. Well it’s been too long since we have featured a good old-fashioned list on Kimchi and Cornbread. So here we go.

Ten Things I Love about Korea

10. The way the baker in my neighborhood knows no other English but my name, which she will yell from across the street when she sees me before she gives me a plastic bag full of free (translated: stale) biscuits.

9. Bowing

8. Respect for elders. If an older person gets on the bus, you better get out of your seat bali-bali and offer it up.

7. The service in restaurants. All you have to do is yell “Yogi-yo!”(here!) and service is at your side.

6. No tipping is allowed. In fact, you will downright offend someone with a “Keep the change” comment.

5. The mountains. One writer described Korea thusly: “In Korea, on one side of every mountain is another.”

4. How girls and women, no matter their age, hold hands as a sign of affection.

3. “Couple” – a word that is the same in English and Korean, and which is boasted by matching outfits.

2. How every food has it’s own benefit for your health, and how every Korean will inform you, for example, that, “Ahhh. This kimchi is good for man’s stamina.” wink. wink.

1. How you can head out for pizza and then somehow end up in a small shop next door sipping tea with two Koreans who can only share the same language of smiles and polite gestures.

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  1. Brittany says:

    All things that need to be introduced , reintroduced or reinforced in the states. P.S. Love the zoolander shot.


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