No you cannot change your English name to Crazy Cow

Anyong, my friends. Lindsay here. Thank you for all your comments on the last blog!

So, to bring you non-Korea residents up-to-date on the Crazy Cow situation, Koreans are now breathing a collective sigh of relief after they won the fight against the American Crazy Cow. The Korean president, fearing how amazingly fast his approval rating dropped, has stopped the import of beef from the United States until America agrees to only send meat less than 30 months old, considered safer for consumption. The U.S. says they will not renegotiate so that means no meat from across the pond.

Wow. If only the American president listened when his people protested.

Back on topic, this all went down Tuesday, so my students were excited this morning about the prospect of not dying from American beef. But their disdain for President Lee Myung-bak has not waned. It doesn’t help that this region of the country didn’t like him in the first place because he is not from here.

In separate blogworthy news, we will be celebrating Korea’s memorial day this Friday with a three-day weekend and a trip to Busan, the second largest city in Korea located on the east coast. We are excited to get a good glance at the coastline on that side of the peninsula. Pictures to come Sunday night.

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  1. Summer says:

    Have a great weekend! As always I look forward to the photos.


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