Busan on a budget

Anyong! Lindsay here.

Sorry for the weirdness if you’ve been checking the blog while we have been revamping it to fit my mood today. But hopefully we will get it right in the next few hours (or days).

So, back to life in Korea.

We set out to do more exploring this weekend on this small peninsula where we live. We headed east to the second largest city in the country, Busan, known for its sandy beaches and raw fish.

Since we apparently failed budgeting 101 (or did we ever even take it?) we only had limited funds for the weekend trip. But this, my friends, definitely makes things interesting.

Seriously. When else would you ever get the chance to stay at one of Korea’s infamous “love motels”?

When else would you eat noodles sitting on small plastic stools in a back alley downtown?

When else would you have to come up with the idea of visiting a random temple–that just so happened to be the prettiest in Korea–just because you didn’t have the $17 to fork over for the aquarium?

When else would you drink diet coke and soju on the beach because you couldn’t afford the bottle of wine?

When else would you discover on the bus ride home that you had tens of mosquito bites all over your body from either the A) shady motel room B) hiking around the temple or C) walking through dirty sand mites?

From lying on the beach to people watching to eating street food to hiking around a gorgeous temple, we had an amazing time in Busan. We even came home with free souvenirs–about 20 to 30 lovely red itchy spots.

Hope you enjoy the pics!


  1. Summer says:

    I love the photos! My favorites are of the thong-guy, especially the one of him riding the jet ski backwards.


  2. Brittany says:

    Seriously, do they not believe in bathing suits. I have never ever seen so many fully clothed people (minus orange bikini bottoms dude) on a beach. P.S. The new header looks amazing! It just pops!


  3. Brittany says:

    oh and the motel. seriously creepy. are you sure you guys don’t need to go get checked out. i mean mirrors on the ceiling. . .i thought cherokee motel in Chattanooga was the real deal. not anymore.


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