Teacher, Teacher, give me s’more!

Who would’a thought a little chocolate and marshmallows was all it would take to win them over.

My worst students–two classes of low-level sixth graders who can’t understand me so decide to talk over me each and every week much to my chagrin–have been getting the best of me. They turn me into a person who rolls my eyes in front of them, raises my voice, claps incessantly, and then turns into a total B (and I don’t mean the buzzy kind) and makes them write how they will respect me about 100 times.

I have tried everything. Games. Flash cards. Pleading. Stomping. Expelling.

And then I remembered s’mores, the delectably delicious chocolaty sandwiches sure to bring a smile to the most hateful of kids.

We are studying summer camp in these two particular I-Hate-Lindsay-Teacher classes and s’mores were the first thing I thought about when I was planning my lesson. Should I really do that? Feed the beasts? Really?

Yes. You should. Because it works. It wasn’t the most perfect gooey sandwich, melted to perfection with the flames of a crackling campfire. But it was close enough. Two colored Korean twisty marshmallows, two pieces of chocolate, and two Digest cookies (the closest thing to a graham cracker I could find.)

“I LOVE YOU TEACHER! YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!!!” There we go. They do speak English.

Some of the students were actually tasting their first marshmallows, a rare commodity here in Korea available on one small top shelf in the local mega store. They were so excited that they pronounced the name of the American camp treat perfectly.



  1. Emily says:

    S’mores were a hit here, too. We used the microwave unfortunately, but the kids loved it! And I have some of the cutest pictures of them!


  2. Summer says:

    I admit it. Before I even read the blog, my mouth watered when I saw the photo of the s’more. I could eat those things until I pop! Glad to see you’ve used their deliciousness to your advantage. It’s too bad I can’t buy my students’ admiration with food.


  3. Brittany says:

    Yum! S’mores!!! Doesn’t get better than that!


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