Sunny Sorokdo

Whit and I had another great weekend.

After our “first real date” on Friday night, we went to our last Korean class in the beginning level on Saturday, and then attended the monthly Korean/foreigner dinner that I organize each month.

The dinners continue to grow in popularity and they are so much fun that Whit and I often count down the weeks until the next one.

But it was today that really rocked the boat.

One of our Korean co-teachers, Ha-Young, invited us to go again with the local Gwangju amateur photographers’ club on their monthly trip. This time, they were headed to a small island in the south of our province. Of course we couldn’t turn that down.

While rainy season is definitely under way here in Korea, God smiled down at us today and the sun shined brightly on us and the trip.

We bused and ferried to Sorok-do (do is the Korean word for island), a two-hour trip from Gwangju.

It is so nice to get away from the city and into Korea’s countryside. We know that if everyone could see how beautiful the countryside is, Korea would be a much more popular tourist destination. Sometimes the cities just don’t do the country justice.

The island was beautiful: small beaches, lush green hanging on every branch and bush. Everything was perfect. The weather, the scenery, the water, the food, and the company. Despite the fact that most club members don’t speak English, they smile and smile at us, welcoming us into their group. And then they take our picture.

Check out ours in the gallery to the right for some good beach pictures, portraits, and a brief look into the Japanese occupation of Korea.

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  1. Brittany says:

    First, I love your outfit, polka dot strip combo and all. Secondly, was that really two GROWN men sharing a hov-a-round?


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