Korean Elementary School Art

Recently, I posted some drawings by some of my fifth graders that they did for a lesson on writing postcards. They were quick and perhaps not by some of the best artists at Songwon, but let me assure you we have some very talented artists. All over the walls at school are framed pictures drawn by some of our students. I love looking at them. It says a lot about what they are proud of, what they think about and how they see things. Here are some that might be of interest.

This is a picture of the fountain in our school’s courtyard. Lindsay and I have been spending about 20 minutes everyday after lunch sitting here talking to students and soaking up the sun. It is bliss in the middle of chaos.

This watercolor was done by one of my student’s from last year that I called “Father.” His classmates came up with that. He is that student who hits puberty first seeming far older than the other kids. This kid was an all-star student. Not the best English speaker, but it wasn’t from a lack of trying in my class. He is though a heck of an artist. According to my co-teacher he is very “famous” for his watercolors.
Not sure which student did this, or what it says, but it clearly conveys the stresses of being a Korean student. Even an elementary student.
This is one of my favorites. Notice the American Dad and the Russian Mom splitting apart their North and South Korean kids. I thought this was very creative.

A nod to Songwon’s own, Yi So Yeon, Korea’s first astronaut who happened to be a woman.
And finally, what I can only assume is a nod to Jim Henson’s classic “Pigs in Space.”