One year and 20,000 hits later

It was one year ago today that we wrote our first entry in Kimchi and Cornbread. One year and 20,000 hits later, we are still living the adventure and are happy to have you along with us.

Thank you all for reading the blog. We hope you continue to read, comment and share with us in this journey.

For a look back to our first entry, which Whit wrote, click here.


  1. Brittany says:

    Time flies when you’re having fun. I can’t believe it has been a year. Your blog is the greatest thing that has ever happened to blogger and my daily blog fix. It will be interesting how many hits you will have on the second anniversary.


  2. Jessica says:

    Fun looking back. I just realized that there is something missing from you blog lately. Ritchie. I miss his entertaining comments!


  3. I know. He is soooooooo not our No. 1 blog fan anymore. If there had been a trophy, it would be revoked.


  4. Summer says:

    I’m looking foward to another year of your adventures. And not to jump on the bandwagon, but I’ve been missing Ritchie too!


  5. Melissa says:

    HeyI know who took that picture. I love you guys and miss ya bunches. The pictures are great. Linds!!!Have you emailed any of these to Dr. Cheers. I bet they would KNOCK HIS SOCKS off.


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