One man’s trash, another’s art project

When Lindsay spotted an Asian-looking door in the trash at our apartment Friday, little did I know it would be painted and on our wall in less than 48 hours. Both of us are known for our grandiose plans with which we rarely follow through. Even currently we both have a couple of projects hanging over our heads we have talked about plenty, but done nothing about. I figured this door would be another thing to add to our list of things almost done.

But boredom on Saturday morning prevailed and I found myself down in our parking garage dusting it off for a fresh coat of paint. Thirty minutes later we were searching for hardware shops nearby to find paint and a couple of brushes. About an hour later we were up on our roof painting our door.

It was lots of fun. We haven’t taken on an art project together, so it was hard to know how it would work. I have to say it really centered our chi as a couple. I recommend it.

We have been very taken with the weathered-looking doors at Buddhist temples around Asia and our plan was to make one of our own to hang on our wall. My Korean friend Jose was very perplexed when I told him I needed to get sandpaper after our swim today to take some of the gloss off the door we painted to hang on our wall. “Well, it is art,” he finally conceded.

So at 4pm this afternoon we hung it horizontally above our TV. As we sat back enjoying our project finished and well-done at that, Lindsay looked at me, dripping with sweat after hammering a nail into a concrete wall, smiled and said, “It’s crooked.”


  1. Brittany says:

    So creative! It looks awesome. Did a good job with the depth of field in the last shot of the door.


  2. Jessica says:

    That’s really cool. You think you’ll be able to ship it back to the states when you move back? That would be a really cool art piece to have.


  3. Michael says:

    I have to say I’m very impressed at how professional it looks. I would not say that I’m surprised though. I remember some paintings you had in Black Mountain that were really good to.


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