If MC Monkey jumped off a bridge, would you?

Lindsay here on a blessed Friday afternoon after school. Another week, another won or so they say.

We have been a bit slow to write this week as our social calendar has been a bit busy. We’re also addicted to an old HBO series called The Wire that just might be one of the best things that has ever been on TV. Or so we, Zaid and Angus think.

But have I got the blog for you. It’s another pop culture report from South Korea, where the pop is always hot and the culture is always fizzing. I can’t help but love it because it’s so 1980s America. I was a bit too young to really appreciate the 80s the first time around so I have been reliving it a bit here with Korean pop culture and that funky pair of suspenders I bought last month.

All. And I mean ALL of our students at school are sporting neon colored plastic watches as big as their heads these days. I just smile about it, thinking about the trends that always tend to go through the younger populations of the world.

Even the shyest, quietest kids at school have these honking things on their hands. It’s hilarious. And Whit, who was curious one day, asked the kids how the style was started.

“MC Monkey (duh!!!!),” said Ji-Woo, a cute innocent little girl whose head is surely as big as the watch face. Well. Curiosity was killing us. So we Googled him. And as in all things related to Korean pop culture, we were not disappointed.

Have a look for yourself at Korea’s hottest new pop singer, MC Mong, better known as MC Monkey:


  1. Brittany says:

    Are you serious? This is really a spoof on N’Sync, right?


  2. Kelly says:

    Kelly here, of Joel (CT) and Kelly in Asheville. I just had to tell you that this video made my Friday. I, like MC Monkey, had a pink plastic chain necklace (back in ’85). Mine had all kinds of charms on it … he’s missing out on those … Enjoying the blog!


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