Korea called. It wants one more year.

Well, it’s official. Or, well, as close to official as it can get around these parts.

Whit and I have just walked out of negotiations for our second year in Gwangju, Korea. And after a 10 percent raise, an extra two-week vacation in October, and some haggling over flights and class times and hours, we have signed on for one more year.

I never would have believed it when we first arrived last August that we would sign on for one more year. Never. I took those first whiffs of raw fish, dried squid and potent kimchi and never imagined that I would actually eat those things. And like them.

But here we are, one year later, and have, rather gracefully I will add, turned ourselves into ESL teachers who are surviving in a foreign country.

Oh, and one other piece of rather big news: we are moving. Apparently we are staying in the same neighborhood but moving to what our school officer says is a “nicer” apartment. We shall see. At first I was really sad because I have truly bonded with our place. Ask Mom. I tend to get attached to my domiciles. But the more I think about it, the more excited I get about changing it up a little.

Change is good. Afterall, Change is what led us here in the first place.

Now. Seriously people….it’s time for you all to come and visit.

We’ll be waiting.

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