Parlez-vous Francais?!?!?

Bonjour again, mon amies.

Yes, two blogs in one afternoon. But I forgot to mention a few things in the first blog–one being that we are now on VACATION!!! You teachers out there know just how precious this time is, how every second feels like heaven. Not having to worry about who just stabbed who with a pencil, who just said a bad word in Korean (which I am learning through the tattle-tales) and who just punched who without my Korean co-teacher even noticing (happened just two days ago).
So. Needless to say. Vacation. Is. Sacred.

Secondly, I was approached by a Korean music teacher at our school yesterday with a “Qu’est-ce que tu fais en vacance?”

Say HUH?!?

“Parlez-vous Francais?!?” I asked her, so confused to be speaking French in Korea that I couldn’t even pull the words from the very very very dusty back of my brain to answer her properly about our pending vacation.

What was cool about the quick French conversation was that she explained she could understand English but not speak it. And speaking in French would give us a way to communicate. How freakin’ cool is that?!?

This is strange no doubt, as French is not exactly high up on the list of must-learn languages in Korea. But even stranger is that this is the second Korean I have met this week who speaks French.

Do I feel a French club in the making?!? Oui, Oui, mes amies!!!!!

So. Now. Who wants to send me an old French textbook? I need to etudie!!!

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  1. Brittany says:

    I would send my french textbook, but speaking of dust, I believe it is at least five inches thick. -au revoir-


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