Summer camp and meeting Obama

Anyong! Lindsay here.

Warning: If you are a friend of ours in South Korea reading this: stop. Or you might want to throw your kimchi at us.

So after our week-and-a-half vacation, Whit and I are living the easy life of English summer camp for the next three weeks. That means we work 9 to 12 every day. And it is GLORIOUS.

The 11 kids I have in my class are sweet, smart and inquisitive. One even used me as an example of our new vocabulary word, slender. A++++ for the day, I quickly quipped.

I have a strong belief that if the whole world just worked half days, people would be much, much happier. You still got up and worked, so you feel like you have done something. But at lunch time, you’re free to go!

And Whit and I have. We have been biking to work, a 10-minute uphill climb in the morning. Which is a 5-minute downhill blast in the afternoon. Whit flies ahead of me, looking like a little boy who just figured out that he didn’t always have to use the brakes.

So far, we’ve spent our free time readying our apartment for the Big Move (across the street).

But I also just met Barrack Obama in my dreams, during my much-needed three-hour nap after a late-night girls night. I am happy to say that he was as classy, smart and kind in person as he is on TV. And he really appreciated that I read his book BEFORE he got famous. I just knew we’d get along.