A day in the life

0700-Alarm goes off. Reset for 0710. Fall back asleep.

0710-Alarm again. Go to reset. Accidently call a friend. Hang up. Reset alarm.

0720-Finally get up because Lindsay does. Can’t be outdone.

0745-Shower. Eat cereal and read news through bleary eyes.

0830-Arrive at school by bike. Feel good because I haven’t drenched my shirt with sweat today. Shirt still smells like sweat since last worn. Bummer.

0900-Told by co-teacher that we might have to go to Seoul today.

0905-Ask a chubby Korean student named “Toby” to sit down.

0905- Ask “Toby” why he is still standing up. Ask “Matthew” why he is standing up and speaking Korean. Ask Jae Young if he just heard me tell “Matthew” and “Toby” to sit down.

0906- Wonder to myself why Yoon Ji is now out of her seat.

0907-Have my class write the rules of the class 5 times each.

0910-Ask “Toby” if he understands the “I will stay in my seat” sentence.

0910-0950-See 0900-0905, repeat.

1000-1050- Teach Lindsay’s well-behaved, quiet, almost fluent class. Teach them that “jumping in line” does not actually mean anyone really jumps like a frog.

1100- Find out we are going to Seoul to confirm our visa at the embassy and that we can’t eat lunch because of a 1400 doctor’s appointment we must go to.

1105- “Toby sit down.”

1110-Ask Ho Jin why he crawled over his desk.

1110-1150- Feel like a shepherd of cats.

1245- Go for a swim. Share a lane with 10 other Koreans.

1300-Swim practice starts. Lane increases to 20 Koreans. Give up and go to the sauna.

1305-Wonder why I am in a sauna on a sweltering day.

1400- Try to find where are doctors appointment is. No idea. A security guard gives us directions in Korean.

1405- Tell the security guard in Korean that “I don’t understand.”

1407-Lie to the security guard and tell him I understand. We hail a cab. I follow on my bike.

1430- Find the right doctor’s office. I use the bathroom. Check-in takes too long. No one speaks English. We don’t speak Korean.

1435- A Korean woman hands me a cup to pee in. I ask for water. She thinks I think she is offering me a water cup. She quickly says “no.” I can’t tell her I just went to the bathroom. We wait.

1450-Two failed attempts. Lindsay is annoyed. I stand between her and lunch. She is then taken to a sideroom and presented with a flip book of a woman’s uterus. Questions are asked in Korean. Lindsay stares back blankly. Utterly confused. Nurse points to uterus and says “husband.” Wonders if woman is inquiring about her sex life.

1452- Lindsay decides to just say “no” hoping it is a yes or no question. This doesn’t suffice. A call is made to Korean co-teacher as Lindsay hopes this isn’t a sex question. Co-teacher translates: “Yes, the nurse wants to know if you want to check for cancer in your….how do you say….baby house?” Lindsay declines the offer. I still can’t pee. She sends us to the next station and motions for us to come back.

1455-Chest x-ray.

1500-Level with myself in the bathroom. I am starving. Lunch hinges on my ability to pee in a cup. Finally it comes.

1545-After a translated consultation we are released. We eat shabu shabu.

1645-We finish lunch. One of us is bound to throw up. Too much food.

1750-Catch a cab to the bus station. Taxi driver loves my sunglasses. Wants to wear them on the trip to the bus station. I let him. He loves them.

1835- Catch a bus after listening to the bus terminal react to Korean Olympic events. They are loving it. Get to watch soccer and Korea vs. US baseball on the bus.

2200- Finally in Seoul! Lindsay has already bought a dress. We haven’t even gotten to the hotel yet.

0100-Finished with blog. Hoping for an easier day.


  1. Jessica says:

    My favorite is the uncomfortable convo about Lindsay’s “baby house”. Awesome.


  2. Brittany says:

    ah Jessica, I was going to say the same thing. . .baby house. . .oh my. Whit, this is one of my favorite posts you have done. Sorry that most of it is at your expense 🙂


  3. Emily says:

    Seriously, Whit, I was on the floor. This is all sorts of awesomeness. Really, I just want to be like you two when I grow up.


  4. Amy says:



  5. Summer says:

    Oh goodness. I was sweating it out over the “baby house” conversation. I can only imagine how you guys felt!


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