Korea is free and so are we

Today is Liberation Day in Korea, a national holiday when Koreans celebrate their freedom from Japan. As Whit’s friend Jae explained to us, there aren’t many celebrations around town–it’s more of just a great day off from work.

So after Jae graciously helped us move a couch from our friends apartment to ours (they are heading back home after two years of teaching here), we headed out to enjoy the empty streets and quiet afternoon.

First on our list was a new motorbike helmet for me, since mine broke recently and we have been tying it to my head. (Yes, you can all say “yikes!”)

With my uber-trendy new helmet (which is much safer than my previous one) we headed up to Mudeung Mountain, Gwangju’s best in scenery and hiking.

We actually didn’t hike, though we did walk through the park and pick the best place for lunch, a sanctuary of tables beneath a leafy canopy of trees and beside a rushing mountain brook. We think we ate catfish soup.

We decided to use our afternoon to explore a part of the mountain we had never seen before. So we hopped back on the motorbike and headed to the unknown. As you can see from the pics below and in the album, it was super scenic. The countryside is such a sharp contrast from the city in Korea. I could tell you that I saw an old woman’s sagging chest as she pulled up her shirt to scratch an itch (itch a scratch?) as she tugged an ox-cart of produce behind her for the local market and apparently her breasts were feeling a little *free* today, too. But you probably wouldn’t believe me. 🙂


  1. Summer says:

    LOVE the helmet and goggles. You look like a bug!


  2. Brittany says:

    Pictures: awesome, as always! Fields of rice patties are beautiful, helmet is rockin’ and the couch looks very comfy (both versions: bus top and apt).


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