A patchwork pastime

Lindsay again. What can I say? I’m all gimped out on the couch with nothing to do but surf the Internet and spy on Facebook.

But while I spent an entire afternoon on the lovely orange couch with my foot elevated, I did start my newest hobby–sewing.

I can hear the loud gasp from my mother, whom I have promised in the past that I would never sew like she does. I’d just rather pay somebody to do the job.

But then I realized I could make clothes. And I LOVE clothes. And I could make accessories. And I have always secretly wanted to be a fashion designer. But let’s not get carried away. One small step at at a time. Plus, I also really wanted to be a hair dresser at one point in my life but the same mother told me she was paying for me to go to college so that was not an option. That’s OK, I still practice on my own hair. Since no one else will let me and Whit says I make him look like Frankenstein. Whatever.

Back to the point. I got out the sewing machine that my friend Han-na has bequeathed to me for the next year and got to work on my first project–a reusable grocery bag.

There were some low moments. Like after I spent five minutes thinking about which way I should turn the fabric to make it come out on the right side and then ten minutes later realized one side was backward despite my efforts. (I just left it that way. Gives it personality!) And like the time I was sewing cute little patches to the front of my new grocery bag and accidentally sewed the two sides together and then ripped the bag and then had to cover it with another patch.

But I persisted, people! It’s not perfect. And I’m not sure I should trust it to hold my groceries (given the above accidental rip which I just sewed right back up). But I love it and all it’s patchwork qualities.


  1. Brittany says:

    I love love love it. I don’t know if Jessica told you, but we have actually talked about taking sewing classes. A new revolution. I love that you ripped the bag and sewed it together and all of the mishaps that developed such cute cute character for your bag. It is awesome!


  2. Summer says:

    I think it is so cute!! Your adventures sound like my knitting. Heck, sometimes you just have to sew two things together that are meant to be separate just to prove that it’s handmade! 🙂


  3. Jessica says:

    Aw, I love your little bobo bag.


  4. deborah says:

    Thanks for the entertainment for the evening. I’m so proud of you!All of the things that I thought you said you would never do…. teach, sew,… Does cooking come next?Move over Whit!


  5. I love it! Great job. Isn’t it funny how we start to pick up our mother’s crafty habits as we get older? I NEVER thought I’d do half of the things my mom did like sew (she made ALL of our clothes) or do cake decorating.Great job. Glad you’re finding something useful to do with your time – hope the ankle gets better soon!


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