Plant Graduates

So we officially graduated from plant parenthood and we have moved to phase two: fish parenting. Over the past couple of years we have successfully managed a tomato and spice garden and a few plants. I wouldn’t call us the best plant parents, but you could leave them with us for a week and they wouldn’t die.

We decided to buy goldfish today to spruce up the new apartment. (Wish us luck.) We bought a cool spherical bowl and four goldfish. Kim Han-na (our best and sweetest Korean friend), Park Tae-hwon(the fast Korean swimmer and Olympic gold medalist), Mulgolgi (Korean for fish, which literally means “water meat”) and Hawi ( which means “low rank,” for the runt of the four) have seemed to gotten over the shock of the taxi ride home and have settled in nicely to their new digs. They have a nice view of the freeway outside our kitchen window and of us, whenever we decide to eat dinner at home. For a goldfish I think it just might be the good life.

And here are a few other pics of the apartment as well.

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  1. Brittany says:

    We also did the plant to animal to human progression. My question has always been if you make it to the animal and let the plant die, do you have to start over? If so, we failed.


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