We’ve got Seoul. And some anxiety.


Lindsay here. Sorry for the long break in the blogging but we’ve been enjoying our last days of freedom before BTS. You know, the three words dreaded by students, parents and teachers alike.

Tomorrow we go back to regular school days at Songwon after a month break of vacation and half-days. I am trying to be positive. Looking at the plus sides. So far, all I can think of is lunch.

We spent our last weekend before school starts in Seoul. We’ve been up there a lot lately, yes. But there is something so nice about going to a place where no one stares. No kids shout at you from across the street or out of passing cars. Most store owners speak English, despite your attempts at Korean. And you can actually get Western food. (We had a five-course Italian meal. It. Was. To. Die. For. Especially the two glasses of red wine that I was able to enjoy on an outside patio–an idea totally foreign to anyone from Gwangju.)

So we shopped, dined, and heard English for a few days before settling back into our “real life” here.

In other updates, my ankle is doing much better and I ran for the first time today since the trail running accident. It was a slow, grandpa’s-out-running again pace, but I had to start somewhere.

Currently Whit and I are watching TV (we totally figured out how to connect our computer to the TV and life will never be the same) and trying to pretend like tomorrow isn’t really going to happen.

Wish us luck.

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  1. Meredith says:

    awww guys. don’t fret. that pic of ya’ll on the bike is CUTER than hell. xoxo!


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