Back to school

Ah. Wednesday. The day when we show up late and leave early. It’s a day I look forward to from Monday morning, one that gets me through long weeks of teaching.
But really, this time around, the job isn’t so bad. As we are starting Year No. 2–something one year ago we never would have believed–we are settled into our roles: Lindsay: the sweet teacher with the small head and big eyes. (Today a child asked Whit why my head was so small.) And White Teacher: The clown who does funny things in class and has hair like a monkey (compared to his Korean counterparts).
We are no longer the aliens. Just the teachers they like to hug, scream to across the cafeteria, pull through the hallways, and sometimes ignore during class.
On Monday, our first day back, I realized what a mainstay we have become at school. Students waved and smiled. But no staring. No falling over their chairs like they once did when we first arrived. I was starting to wonder if they even missed us at all over the break like all the other foreign teachers talk about.
Then, today: “LINDSAY TEACHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” A barrage of wild first graders leap from their seats to hug me. I start class and ten minutes later, a young girl with widespread arms says, “Teacher. Hug. Again.”
And just like that, we are back to our regular lives. Which really aren’t so bad.


  1. Summer says:

    Glad you’re enjoying the kids! Sometimes dreading the return to real life is actually worse than going back! Hope you have a good rest of the week.


  2. Emily says:

    Well, I will be doggone. Welcome to the world of teaching, friend. I think you just might get it. 🙂


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