And what did you do for summer vacation?

Two of Lindsay’s students. On the right, is Tiger Adam Scott Woods, whose favorite sport is golf. Whit helped him with his first name. But yesterday, I renamed him Obama. Because he looks just like him. Smart, handsome, big grin, big ears. Obama Tiger A.S. Woods loves it.

This week we talked a lot about summer vacation. Mainly just a primer to get the class speaking in English again after their long break. They had to re-learn “Lindsay Teacher’s Golden Rule: NO KOREAN!!!” which I wrote on the white board in every class.

Though after saying approximately 40 times this week I finally got it backward and threatened the students that if they spoke English one. More. Time. They would get minus three points!!! They laughed and repeated it for the rest of the class.
Here are a few of the more humorous responses I got to “What did you do for summer vacation?”:
“My family is zebra.”
(Five minutes later. We learn this first grader went to the zoo. Pronounced “Jew”.”
“Me. Computer games.” The second grader then lifts an imaginery machine gun and shoots a classmate across the aisle.
“I go to sea. See the sea. Swimming. My mother tell me to watch for sun. But I forget. My skin on fire. My mother said, Ahhhh! Now must you to use cucumber mask.”
“My sister came back from America after three month and I am so happy. I get to spend time with my sister and I am so excited.”
“I went to Pluto.”
And from a more fluent fourth grader:
“My family went camping at the beach. But it was so hot there. In the morning when we woke up I wanted breakfast. So I took an egg and said, “Look, Mom!” and threw it against the car. It fried. Szzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.”