Notes on a weekend


Lindsay here. We had a fabulous weekend here in Gwangju.

Here is a quick rundown of events:

1. We went to a photograph exhibit hosted by the amateur Gwangju photo club that we sometimes go on trips with. We went with two of our co-teachers–one who is actually part of the club and another who simply needs a man and was hoping to find one there. (No luck for her on that quest.)
2. We were told to pick our favorite photo. I loved them all. Every one. But mostly it gave me ideas for my own future photos. So Whit picked a beautiful photo of the Boseong green tea fields, a scenic landscape of virgin green hillsides. We thought they would give us a copy of the photo on a disk. But the next day, we were given the photo straight from the wall, including the beautiful frame and a chocolate bar that was taped to the wall beside it, a Korean gesture to show you like the art. It is now hanging in our living room (the photo, not the chocolate!), making my blown-up photo of red peppers on an adjacent wall look a little like super-sized gas station art.

3. We went to another co-teacher’s wedding on Sunday. This co-teacher is one of our favorites. She is one of the sweetest, slightest people I know. Weighing in at about 85 pounds, she says Mother Theresa is her hero and she is often too sweet to scare her own students into behaving. She is marrying into a situation that will most likely be a heavy burden to her and I hate that. But she had a beautiful wedding, as you can see from the pictures. (She wore a Western white wedding gown for the wedding service but then changed into Korean hanbok–shown here–for a traditional service where only the parents are allowed.)

4. Whit and I took a walk along Art Street in Gwangju after the wedding. We are having a “traditional” Korean fall, said another co-teacher at the buffet lunch after the wedding. The skies are the bluest of blues, with white puffs like cotton balls painted across the sky. We took some pictures since we never normally get dressed up.

5. At school today, when Whit was teaching his extra class, our nine female co-teachers couldn’t stop giggling and covering their mouths. Finally, they let me in on the secret: “Lindsay. Whit looked like Brad Pitt yesterday.” All the co-teachers nodded solemnly in agreement.

Another said. “You better be careful!”


  1. Summer says:

    Love the rundown on the weekend! I’m jealous of the beautiful free artwork. And what a cliffhanger to talk about your sweet co-worker and her difficult situation without providing specifics! By the way, I’m not worried about how handsome Whit is–I’m convinced you can handle beating the women off of him. 🙂


  2. Jessica says:

    I’m with Summer, that was quite a tease! We’re going to need more details, please.So while I’m typing this, Reed is playing fetch. He’s bringing me his pacifier to toss, then he goes and gets it. Brings it back, repeat. I really think he thinks he is Harley-dog. Have I told you that he barks?


  3. Brittany says:

    I can not believe they gave away the photography. You know my half birthday is coming up in the event you score anymore:)It cracks me up that is always Whit and a bunch of women in every photo. Oh and just remind those 85 pound women that you weight 15 pounds more than them. I also would like to request additional details on the detail surrounding the wedding. Jess, can I trade my giraffe in for Reed. Daisy never brings the fetched item back anymore.


  4. Ahh Brittany you are too kind. It I were still in 9th grade I could have come back with that comment…. But you did make me laugh!!!


  5. I love that tie Whit!


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