Hmphhh. (Arms crossed, eyes rolling)

Lindsay here.

So I have revisited the teenage version of myself today. It all started when I slept late this morning. (Ten o’clock–so not quite the nooners of my heyday, but close).

After talking to Mom and calling her mean for questioning my desire to cut my hair like a boy’s, I stormed out of the apartment with Whit for some breakfast down the street. No shower. No brushing the teeth.

I had a big day planned. One of shopping downtown–I’ve been dying to buy some of the new autumnal plaid that has swept across the fashion scene here– and then a visit to the biggest art event in Gwangju where I planned on losing myself in the exhibits and taking photos until my memory card couldn’t hold anymore.

But all that was called to a quick hault when Whit couldn’t find his ATM card. (OK, I had it last. But really, is that what’s important here?)

We spent the next two hours turning our freshly cleaned apartment (probably the culprit of the missing, most-likely-thrown-away debit card) into piles of papers and clothes that were previously stuffed into drawers and closets.

We then tried to use our “passbooks” — a Korean method of keeping track of your checking account– to access the account where we were asked for a five digit number when all we had was a four digit number. We’re pretty sure the account is now just blocked for good, a safety feature that freezes your account when some dumb*** tries to access it in an incorrect way. We know because I have done this before when I couldn’t remember Whit’s pin code and decided the best way to remember it would be to keep guessing.)

Me–two hours later: Asleep on the bed without sheets (back when I was still an adult this morning I washed them) and covered with the large mound of clothes I had tossed from my closet to look for the card.

I can’t say it’s been the best day ever. But sometimes it’s not so bad to be a teenager again when life’s just soooooooooooo not fair and you can actually get away with complaining about your mother, wanting to chop off all your hair, and whining about all the better things you could be doing with your time.

As for Whit, he spent the day making funny pictures of me on the Internet:


  1. deborah says:

    Got a good laugh with the big hair. I felt sorry for Whit after we hung up the phone from discussing your short hair. I could tell you were in a MOOD! I was just hoping you got over it before the beach! Glad you’re feeling better. Can’t wait until Jessica and Kathryn check out the new hair styles!


  2. Summer says:

    Love the hair. It’s like seeing what you would have looked like had you graduated high school in the 80s. My brother has some pretty funny photos like that–except they’re real. 🙂I know exactly what you mean about being a teenager sometimes. Every once in a while, it would be nice to stomp around and blame everything on Mean Mom. Hope today was better!


  3. Brittany says:

    hilarious. I think Whit stole some of Jennifer and Suzi’s high school shots and imported your face. You look good with 80’s hair. You should bring it on back.


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