Waldo is in the house

Annyong! Lindsay here. So should I explain the photo now? Nahhhh.

We’ve had a busy and entertaining weekend here in Gwangju. From catching up Friday night on all the season premieres of our favorite shows (Dancing with the Stars, the Office..JAM GOT ENGAGED!, and Grey’s Anatomy) to dressing up in crazy Korean style Saturday night, we’ve been busy.

I had my most productive Saturday morning in a long time. I wanted to go on a long run, eat a big breakfast, talk to Mom and Dad, AND watch the presidential debate, all before noon. And I did.

Then it was shopping downtown, preparing for our friends’ Ethan and Maria’s going away party. Can’t believe they have been here a year now. We saw them arrive and leave. And we’re still here. Not sure if that’s a bad thing or good thing.

Saturday night was the monthly Korean/foreigner dinner. We had our biggest crowd ever..close to 40 people. I, being the grand organizer that I am, had no idea what to do with that many people. Luckily, the restaurant held us all and somehow fed us and we all met a lot of great new people. There are so many new teachers in town now as this is a big transitional time of year in Korea. So it was nice to see new teachers meeting other new teachers.

It was after the dinner when we got decked out for the party–I wore a short autumnal Korean jumper with black knee-high socks that Sam said looked like soccer socks (she was just jealous). Whit wore fake glasses, suspenders, blue jeans, and a tight T-shirt that read “Sophisticated Tramp From Noid.” (By the way, I have one too—they are our “couple shirts”.) Despite the great attempt at Korean style, Whit looked more like a cross between Steve Urkel and Where’s Waldo.

Needless to say, we had a great time.

We are sad to see our friends go. But at the same time, we made many more last night. We told ourselves we HAD to make new friends somehow. I mean. Really. We have to have someone to throw us a goodbye party!!!