The confessions of a hack English teacher

1. I really only like [other people’s] children about 25 percent of the time. Most of the time, they get on my last good nerve.
2. Sometimes I don’t care if they copy off each other if that means I can stop repeating the answer.
3. I sometimes misspell common words on the white board. But, like I have said before. I am a product of the Microsoft Word generation.
4. I am not sad when a student cries because they lost a game. Most of the time, I think: Baby.
5. I was not a fan of corporal punishment in school until I became a teacher.
6. Sometimes they can get under my skin in the same fashion my younger sister Jessica used to do in high school. I am often tempted to retaliate with an old quip, but somehow always stop myself just in time.
7. When I am just too tired (read: lazy) to teach, I will hand out a crossword.

So. Does all this make me a bad teacher? Probably. But please tell me. All you Emily Witts and Rebecca Altizers and Deborah Nashes: How do you keep your sanity?


  1. Summer says:

    You never fail to crack me up!


  2. Emily says:

    Honey, sanity is something I ain’t got. I figured you’d picked up on that by now. I think you’re doing a stand up job!(and making me laugh in the process)


  3. bza says:

    Haha, go word searches go! They are totally great to fill up the time.-Brian


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