Life’s a Beach

Now that I’m finally posting photos (OK, it’s only been a day and a half since we’ve been back but I hate sitting on unedited photos), I figured it was time to tell you all about our great vacay back to the states.

I’m going to tell you about our first week at Navarre Beach and let Whit follow up with a rundown on the second week.

But really, is there much more to say than we went to the beach? Everybody loves the beach, right? And I am no exception. I often go between mountains and beach, wondering which I love more because I just love them both so much.

But then I realize I don’t have to pick one over the other, love white sand more than craggy gray bluffs, or the smell of fallen leaves and the crunch underfoot over the tireless tides and big orange sunsets over the Gulf (in my opinion the prettiest breaches in the world, despite their rundown, borderline redneck towns–the kinds of places that offer endless shopping strips of tanning beds and no-name pizza joints.) Wow that was quite a Faulknerian sentence I laid out for you. But when Life Is A Beach, there is no newspaper editor asking me What In the H can’t you use a period.

Back to the beach.

Mom and Dad picked us up in Hotlanta and we headed south through Dixie where we arrived at the beach around 2 a.m. Mom and I were both sad that we couldn’t see the drive down in the daylight, when the land starts getting flatter and the trees weepier.

But nonetheless, we were there. Paradise.

My grandmother, aunt, uncle and great aunt joined us for the weekend so we could catch up and see each other. We walked on the beach, took photos (see photo gallery to the right), and caught up on life.

As well as family, including my two sisters and my awesome nephew, my friends also joined in the fun–including my best friend from growing up—Brittany and her adorable family. (Again. See photos in said photo gallery.)

The famous Fatty Munchers minus Jake and Emily joined us for most of the week. So not only did we sunbathe, swim, surf (ahem. attempt to.), laugh, and tell stories, but we also ate. That is what we are known for..a group of us formed in college when we starting taking yearly trips to Mom and Dad’s for a weekend on the lake and eat Mom’s infamous cream-cheese cupcakes and when Mel started the whole group by calling everyone a Fatty Muncher for eating every remaining crumb of food we had in the car while she was sleeping. Oops. Second Faulknerian sentence. Anyway. Ahhh. Memories.

So I said no words were needed when you were talking about the beach but there I went again.

Stay tuned for Whit’s exciting Part Two on a wedding, NASCAR, hiking, Floyd and Black Mountain.


  1. Summer says:

    Very sorry I missed the Fatty Muncher/Nash clan reunion. I can almost imagine myself there and how my sides would have been sore from laughing. 🙂


  2. Brittany says:

    I hope you guys feel loved (because you are loved) with 15+ people traveling over 8,000 miles collectively to come to see you. The distance you two traveled from South Korea (approximately 7,710 miles) almost matches the collective figure. Had an incredible time! It was so very good to see you.P.S. Let us know forget the people who love you guys (but not as much as the people who showed up) and wanted to be there, but just couldn’t!P.S.S. I love the pics. You know I am going to have to thief some of them, if I can figure out how to with the mac. I contacted the expert, Jessica!


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