Going home

Every time I come home to Virginia or North Carolina I ask myself why I left in the first place. I’d be willing to put my family and friends up against the best you have to offer. I am quite confident I would win that battle.
It was nice to be home for a wedding again(after my older sister’s wedding in May). It felt like a who’s who of my life. People packed in to see my little sister get married on a brisk October morning. It was fantastic. She married a guy that puts a BIG smile on her face. I was lucky enough to get to stand up front as a groomsman with a view of my whole family during the service and think about how lucky I am. Then I was able to spend time with my folks doing what my Dad loves best: cruising the Blue Ridge Parkway. Throw a Nascar race in the mix in my hometown of Martinsville and it makes for a really good dream.

Then Lindsay and I returned to our hometown of Black Mountain, North Carolina. It was here that I finally got happy in my 20s. After a bad job, a terrible hangover from college and failed relationships, I found a community that pushed me to be a better person and made friends for life. This is also where Lindsay and I spent our first blissful year of marriage. Coming home to that community feels like a warm blanket on a cold morning. In Black Mountain we got to vote early, eat at our favorite restaurants and hug most of our best friends. As we drove out at 4AM to catch our flight, I had a real hard time understanding why in the hell I moved away.

But we are back in Korea. Two days under our belt. We miss our friends and family for sure, but there is something incredibly endearing about this country. The people, the culture and the kimchi make it a little easier to be away from those people you love so much.