"Very" Happy You Are Back

We made it through our first week back in Korea with very few bumps in the road and only one early morning (4:30 a.m. for wide-awake Whit).
Did they miss us? VERY MUCH, says our co-teachers, who had so heavy of a workload I’m surprised they all didn’t quit while we were gone.
My sixth graders didn’t seem to notice that I had returned. My fourth graders wanted to know what the candy aisles looked like in America during Halloween. And my first graders cheered. They literally jumped out of their seats with outreached arms and smiling faces. My little sweet uncontrollable fan club.
But it was one of Whit’s students who missed us (him) the most.
In her English diary she wrote:
Whit Teacher came back today. He and Linsy Teacher were in America visiting parents. I missed Whit Teacher. He is very funny and “VERY” handsome. Don’t go away to America again, Whit Teacher!!!


  1. Summer says:

    How cute!! I love little kids and the things they say.


  2. Whitton says:

    Hi guys, Alex from Aus here. I live in Dangjin, Chungnam. I was looking for Golden Bell q’s and found ur blog. Great reading! So thank you. In my area there are few westerners so great to hear the ‘outside’ perspective. The pee story in Lotte Mart … i thought i’d seen it all too!


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