Autumn hikes and flowers


Lindsay here on a glorious autumn afternoon in Korea. I meant to blog last night about our weekend hiking trip to Wolchusan, a nearby national park, but I totally last track with the whole urine-in-a-bag-in-line-at-the-supermarket fiasco.

Autumn has crept slowly to Korea this year thanks to a warm September so, in fact, Whit and I did not miss any fall color while we were in the states. We got to see the best of both worlds, with fall foliage at its peak in Virginia and North Carolina while we were there and now as it reaches peak here in Gwangju. We are lucky aren’t we.

Fall is my favorite season for many reasons but mostly because of the gorgeous colors and perfect dry weather that just beckons me for a run on even my laziest days. I have the fastest runs in autumn because the air is so crisp and the yellows so bright. This is when the leaves are actually their true selves, the only time of the year they show their natural colors. I love that.

And this weekend, we headed out to a national park we had not yet explored with our new friends from Canada, Tony and Caroline. We went on the most perfect day hike. It was the most brilliant blue-skied, yellow-leafed day. The kind that was made for hiking.

So we trekked for six hours across Wolchusan National Park, a rocky mountain with a bright orange metal bridge. The views were amazing. And obviously, everyone else thought so too. As half of Korea was out there with us. But the crowds didn’t even cause me to blink an eye. Good conversation, good friends, good food, and good views. Can’t beat it.

And then today, on Monday, Whit and I went up to the nearby reservoir where a field of sunflowers have literally sprung up out of nowhere. They are Gorge-ous. And isn’t it every girl’s dream to stand in a field of sunflowers? Maybe it’s just mine. But check that off the list.