Yes We Can!!!

“My mom always has a gloomy face when we go to the stock market,” wrote one sixth grader in her mid-term essay about the global economic crisis.
“But Obama became president yesterday and Mom said that will help fix it in America which will help fix it here because we are leaning so much on U.S.”

Whit and I and the rest of the expats living in Korea aren’t the only ones celebrating the first African American to become president of our great nation. Korea is too, in a big way. It was their candidate of choice, as one student told me yesterday, explaining how Koreans took their own poll of who should become America’s next leader.

I’ve been holding my head higher here, feeling the force of a nation on the cusp of change, hoping that once again America can be the example in the world instead of the enemy.

Despite my disappointment in seeing so many red states back home in the Southeast, it is comforting to be in a community of like-minded Americans here. I don’t know one person here who voted red.

And last night we celebrated with a big bash at our tiny apartment. We hung streamers and posted signs (that we brought back from America!) and played presidential and political trivia with friends from the U.S., Canada, New Zealand and Holland.

It’s was a great time and a reminder that we are really one world. One people.