Do you like teaching? Not today.

On the weekends, we in the foreigner community here always like to tell our teaching tales from the week. We live in somewhat of a warped community, where everyone who speaks the same language has the same job. Which means we have the same stories, same surprises and same complaints.

And we always say to each other: “Don’t you wish we could see each other in the classroom? How funny would it be to see each other act like complete clowns?”

But today, I wasn’t thinking about my friends and fellow native English teachers when I sang and danced in front of 12 low-level second graders and their smiling parents. I was thinking about my own Mom. And how hard she would laugh at this strange person entertaining second graders.

It would be funny because singing and dancing and being a teacher is just not me. There is not a shred of Lindsay Teacher in Real Lindsay. Especially when it comes to Open Class day.

To make matters harder on Lindsay Teacher, the class I had planned for was cancelled yesterday when a colleague became sick and I was reassigned to her class. With her lesson plans. With her song and dance (which I would have never considered in my own prior plans.)

So before I knew it, I was singing (and dancing) to:

Do youuuuu like French fries!?!? (clap twice and swing the hips)Yes, I do!!!
Do you like French Fries?!?!? (repeat clapping and hips) I do too!!!
Do youuuuuu like pizza!?!?! (make a big circle with the arms) Yes, I do!!
Do you like cheeseburgers? (shark attack with the arms.) I do too!!!
It was really one of those moments where I floated above myself and looked down and shook my head in utter dismay. And then I thought of Mom and could actually hear her laughing as she remembered the Real Lindsay who came to help in her classroom years ago and instead of being a proper roll model to her God-fearing children, showed them how to clink their Sprites and say cheers.
So after my song and dance, I did what any respectable teacher would do. Put on a green felt apron with plastic food attached and became a Mother Goose Kitchen for their grabby grubby hands.
Thank God I get paid next week.


  1. Summer says:

    Hope it makes you feel better to know you aren’t the only one who looks around from time to time and wonders how the heck you got here. It makes for a good story though. 🙂


  2. Jessica says:

    Oh how I wish Whit has recorded that little number for us!!


  3. deborah says:

    I just had a good belly laugh!!!Especially after my day!!It’s good to be able to witness your payback!It makes me look forward to the day when you have teenage daughters!You should see the big smile on my face!!!


  4. Jessica says:

    Mom just used ten exclamation marks in her comment.


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