I can’t see you but I love you

Whit had a brilliant idea a few weeks ago to forgo our annual penpal project and instead create a blog for the students to chat with American students.

It’s just gotten off the ground this week, but it’s turning out to be an amazing opportunity for our kids to correspond with Americans. Right now, we’re partnering with Becca (Whit’s sister) and her 5th grade class in Martinsville, Va.

I’ve only got one class of 4th graders started on it so far and they are completely wowed by the whole thing.

Today, I had them write Christmas letters to the the American students, which I later scanned (took photos of) and posted them online.

So far, they’ve written about PE class, what they call their teachers, how they love “Roodolph”, and what they will do for Christmas.

I’m a firm believer in communication (hence my field of study in college) and think it’s the answer to many of our country’s problems. I think peace can only come with understanding. And understanding only through open communication–no matter one of you eats kimchi for breakfast and the other eats cornflakes. It’s one of the reasons I was so happy to hear about President-elect Barack Obama’s firm belief in direct diplomacy–something that has been rejected and traded in during the last decade for guns and bombs.

I know these kids aren’t solving the world’s problems. But I do believe they will learn a lot about a country radically different from their own. And that, I believe, will lay the groundwork for future peace and understanding.

P.S. And if you know a teacher or class interested in joining the blog, please send them my way! We need many more American elementary classes.


  1. -brittany- says:

    This is the most fabulous idea ever. What a great experience for both groups of kids. I was going to leave a comment on the other blog, but was frightful that my grammar (ex, I almost spelled grammar with an ‘e’) may not be proper. I was not the best English student 🙂Can I revert back to elementary school, change my ethnicity and come be one of your students? You guys RAWK!


  2. HiGreat idea!! I am a teacher and most importantly Tony Gallant’s aunt. I am teaching grade 3 in a small school in New Brunswick, Canada. I have a few kids that are in need of an enrichment project. This blog would be perfect!! They could tell/teach the rest of the class all about what they are learning. My email is gisele.belyea@nbed.nb.ca I only have 2 more days and then a much needed Xmas break. Give Tony and Caroline a big hug for me. Gisele


  3. -brittany- says:

    p.s. thank you for the button! 🙂oh and will you message me (FB) or email me your address when you get a chance. I am not sure I have your new one.


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