Joy to the World

Merry Christmas!

Chulgoun Songtani toegirul paramnida!!!

After about twenty too many explanations of what a mistletoe is and acting out for five classes in a row an old back-bent Korean grandfather as a charade for “candy cane,” we’re finally finished with school for the semester. This means we won’t have a full schedule again until February. So you can imagine the free spirit we are rejoicing in as we head out tonight to a Christmas party at our friends Tony and Caroline’s and then tomorrow as we begin our journey to Vietnam.

I love Christmastime. It’s not huge here, but it’s growing under it’s expanding Western umbrella. It’s a time when fake plastic Christmas trees have overtaken the local marts and All I Want for Christmas is You is blaring out of every store speaker. It’s a time when even Korean drivers seem to honk less. Although it could be the Christmas music on my iPod is a bit louder. I swear a car even stopped to let me cross when I didn’t even have the walk signal the other day. I’ve gotten great gifts from students. And I’ve written letters to old friends and given gifts of baked sugar gingerbread-men-shaped cookies to everyone from co-teachers to the restaurant delivery man (who seemed a little confused.)

But it’s funny what my favorite gifts are these days. It turns out that one was the quiet walk to school in the fresh snow Monday morning. And another was my tears and laughter while re-reading one of my favorite books Anne of Green Gables on the bus home tonight. (What a kindred spirit Anne with an E is!)

Whit and I really wanted to send Christmas cards to everyone. But the time has gotten away from us and here we are again, just a day before Christmas with nothing but a blog to tell you all we love you, we miss you, and we hope you all have a very merry Christmas! We are thinking of you all and are joyful we have such wonderful friends and family!

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  1. deborah says:

    Merry Christmas! We miss you guys so! I loved your Gingerbread men!Have a wonderful trip!Love,Mom


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