My second home

Whit here:

It is funny how quickly you can adapt to another place. Things just start to seem normal after a while. I still remember how things go back in America, but life here in Korea couldn’t be more normal. Kids laughing at the sight of me has almost come to feel like what kids are suppose to do when I pass by. Being unable to understand most of the people I come into contact with is something I almost prefer now(I should know more Korean!). And eating cabbage, rice and spicy soup everyday is something I hope that never, ever changes. Korea seemed so foreign when I first got here, but now it just feels like home.

So, if you are in Korea now and longing for home, or on your way, don’t fret. Soon you won’t even feel those eyes staring at you, your stomach will adjust to the spicy food and the friends you make will start to feel like family. Just give it a minute.

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